Hire Hobie Catamarans

Hire a Hobie Russell Bay of Islands NZ

We hire Hobie catamarans in Russell here in the Bay of Islands Russell

If you love to sail small sail boats or are just beginning your water sailing adventures then our Hobie 14’s are great fun, very stable and easy to sail catamaran.

If your a little rusty or haven’t sailed before then add a lesson for $25 and then go out on the water with more confidence. Our low cost hire dry bag hire  will keep your mobile phone, camera and other valuables dry.

The Hobie 14 catamarans are suited for one or two adults or one adult and a couple of small children. They are light, just fast enough and stable yet still fun and challenging; especially when the wind is up. Some might say for these are for the brave hearted but you can always have to go high speed? Slow down and enjoy the ride in our beautiful bays.

Our hire Hobie catamarans in Russell are ideal to paddle in and around the bay in front of Russell. This an ideal harbour for sailing in most wind directions. During our warm the summer months the morning winds tend to be South East and light. In the afternoon nice off shore breezes kick in mostly from the north east. The occasional on shore westerly wind whilst rare can make it a little choppy and let’s say “a little interesting” for sailing. Don’t Pitch Pole! 

Our Hobie 14 catamaran range are the Turbo models which have jibs that vasty improve speed and response time, stability and your overall sailing experience. 

You can always improve your sailing understanding by combining lessons and sailing over a few days. Ask us how we can tailor this for you.

Learn to Sail a Hobie 14ft Catamaran

Follow this link if you’d like to read a detailed catamaran sailing instruction before heading out on to the water. The Hobie forums are brilliant for information about all things Hobie.