Motorboat Sail Kayak or Paddleboard

Rowboat Hire

Hire a rowboat with or without an outboard. It’s an ideal and affordable beach thing to do during your stay Russell and guaranteed to be loads of fun. As fun on the water is a given perhaps experience isn’t. Don’t worry if you have little or no experience. We all have to start somewhere and our very friendly and knowledgeable staff can offer you tips about rowing technique. You’ll then be on the water in no time at all.

Rowboat Hire with Oars

With only the oars you can keep fit when away from the gym or your regular sporting activity and still have fun. All of our rowboats are very light on the water and are ideal for rowing to nearby places or close by fishing spots. Try the point near Russell just before you round the corner to Tapeka. Another place of interest is Mill Island and the reef that runs off it. Both of these spots are ideal places to row to and fish. Why not hook up to a mooring and try you luck fishing as you just never know where the fish are.

Add an Outboard

If you add an outboard it vastly extends your cruising range and you’ll get to the larger fish faster. Our outboards are very cheap to run and to make things easier we have an all inclusive rate and loads of fuel on board. So in no time at all your in places like Tapeka, the western of Te Whahapu or the boats moored in Matauwhi Bay. Even the Orongo Bay mangrove swamp becomes assessable. Check these places out on this map or ask us for a printed copy.

The water directly in front of Russell is very sheltered and ideal for beginners with or without the outboard.

Hire Fishing Rods and Tackle

If you choose to hire a rowboat when in Russell you’ll need a fishing rod and tackle. We offer cheap hire options so don’t worry if you don’t have a rod or it’s left at home. Hire rates are from $10 per half day.

If you choose the row boat with outboard hire it starts from $30 per hour. Check out our prices.